Guiding your retirement

The need for a financial plan doesn’t just end because you’ve retired. People are living longer today, so the possibility of living another 30 years without that regular paycheck takes careful planning and disciplined investing.

It is important to have an experienced financial advisor whose goal is to help you with creating sustainable income throughout retirement so you can maintain your lifestyle. To this end, there are many things we do. One is to create a personalized plan to work toward preserving your wealth and strive to mitigate the impact of market risk, taxes and inflation. This includes striking a careful balance between your need for monthly income and your desire to make your money last your lifetime.

We will help you differentiate your essential living expenses from aspirational lifestyle expenses, manage your required minimum distributions and determine tax-efficient ways to draw income from your taxable and tax-deferred investments.

We’ll also make sure to review important matters such as Social Security and Medicare. Plus, we’ll collaborate with your tax, legal, and insurance professionals on important matters such as having a plan for your estate, and having the protection provided by life insurance and long-term care insurance.

You’ve worked hard all your life to arrive at this significant stage of your life. Our goal is to help you enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Losing your spouse

While it’s a fact that women have longer life expectancies than men, it doesn’t lessen the shock of losing your husband and continuing on without him. Losing a spouse has major financial implications – and they come precisely at a time of great emotional stress. We are here to help you address and resolve these and all issues and concerns you may have, and create a clear financial plan for moving forward with your life as an independent woman.